A lot of people want to take the easy way out. They want to be excused from the heavy work; they want to do things the fastest, laziest, and quickest way possible, even though that usually means that they get someone else to do it. If you’re lazy enough, you can con people into think you’re sick even when you aren’t, or tell them you don’t understand something when you really do, so they have to take time and caring on your behalf. All because they don’t want to wok hard!

But there are three things to remember about work. First, you make yourself weaker when you don’t work at things. If you are trying to hatch a chicken, and you help that chicken out of it shell because it’s too hard for the little thing, you can actually, absolutely kill that chicken. Actually, the young animals in the forest that have to work harder to keep up with their mothers actually get stronger and live longer! By helping ti take the easy way out you have weakened it! So when you got out of work, you are weakening yourself too.

The second thing to remember is: the more you do something the easier it   gets. Sure, something can be difficult the first time, or the second or even the third. But if you persist, it all falls into place and gets so  easy! Learning how to walk was hard. But is walking hard now? Not at all. See?

The third thing is: when you do something difficult well, you feel better about  yourself. You do your work well to feel good; you do good work to feel well. That’s all! It’s so simple. The hardest part is getting over the laziness. But the real truth is that sometimes you spend more energy trying to get out of doing something than it would ever take to do it! Now, isn’t that just silly?

Why would you ever run away from something that will make you stronger, gets easier the more you do it and makes you feel terrific about yourself? 

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