Working too hard

A great many people say they like to be lazy, or they wish they were retired: they are tired of work! But, truly, you are not often as tired of work as you think but rather you are tired of things being so much the same: waking up at the same time even though you would prefer to lie in bed for another hour trying to remember your dreams, or just enjoying the feeling that you are safe and warm and that there’s someone else that can make you some good breakfast. When you are forced to be lazy, as when you have a cold or some illness that forces you to stay in bed, you feel less happy about doing nothing.

So when you say you’re tired of work and working, what you’re most likely really feeling unhappy about is that everything is too much the same kind of rhythm: like a piece of music that keep repeating the same phrase becomes boring, so also doing the same thing every day makes you feel tired of it. Generally, it isn’t the work that is hard: unless you are being asked to do something you literally cannot do in a dangerous or truly uncomfortable situation, you can do most everything you are asked to do. 

No: it’s only when you feed trapped that you start feeling unhappy. This is something to consider when you choose a job: will you have moments to     yourself, little bits of time that are just your own that you can take advantage of while you are working? Then understand that this is a good job, whatever you are doing. If the job you have allows you times to feel free, such as climbing up to the roof to have your lunch, or having fifteen minutes before work begins to read something you enjoy, then this is a good job. When you can take a real break from work: when you can do something else for a little while, it makes all the difference. “A change is as good as a rest.” 

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