My second grade teacher once said: “If you have to stand on anyone else to feel good about yourself, you really feel pretty small.” If you have to make someone out to be worse than you to feel good about yourself you don’t really feel good at all.

If you have to cheat to win, you’ve already lost. You’ve not only lost because cheating on a test means that you have invalidated that test and it cannot be really counted as your success, you have also cheated yourself out of the learning you might have gotten if you had studied and paid attention.

Sometimes what you have to learn in school seems silly, that’s true. But really, You Never Know. You never know whether or not something about chemistry might save your life some time. If you spill acid on yourself and you don’t have any water or a cellphone to get to the Internet near you, you could remember from chemistry class that toothpaste, baking powder and antacid digestive tablets can all neutralize the acid. But if you cheated in that course, or thought there was no good in it, you could have a scar for like.

When you cheat to win, you are already convinced that you can’t win fairly! When you cheat to win you already feel that you need extra, that you need things pitched in your favor, because everybody else is better than you are. Do you want to live that way, really? Do you want to live always so sure that you have to do everything, anything, to make sure you come on top, because everyone is already better than you are? 

This is a miserable way to live. You can never rest, you can never be happy, because you are always trying to make yourself feel better somehow, anyhow! But instead of finding out why you feel so small and weak, you try to make everyone else smaller and weaker than you are. 

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