When You’re Not Sure

Many times in your life you will be asked a question you cannot answer because you don’t know what your answer is. It may be something that you haven’t thought about enough or you haven’t heard anything about what the person is asking you. Sometimes of course it’s an answer for a test, and when you don’t know the answer there, it’s best be study beforehand, of course. But life so very often gives you the test first, and then you get the lesson afterwards. You get surprised by something, something big or bad happens and you suddenly have to choose and act. Unfortunately, sometimes you only find out was is really going on after you’re acted: sometimes you do the wrong thing; sometimes you just make a mistake; sometimes you don’t know what to do or what to say. Trouble is, when you do say something and then find out that what you said was unkind, foolish, or sometimes just plain wrong, then you find out what you should have done or what you should have said, or how you could have been kind when someone else truly needed kindness.

When you’re caught by surprise by life, it’s very uncomfortable. Not only is is scary because you could so something truly wrong, but it’s also scary if you do something that’s going to follow you for years afterwards. Most often you just freeze: you don’t say anything, you can’t do anything and you stand there looking like a fool. 

One good way to keep yourself from freezing up with fear, or doing something too quickly because everyone else seems in a rush, and pesters you to get the thing they want you to do, now. It’s hard not to give in! But: if you think about yourself, and what’s really important to you once a day, then you won’t have to spend so much time trying to think: you’ll know. You’ll know that you care about yourself and your friends to stay out of dangerous places and stay away from dangerous people. You will already know that you don’t want to lie to anyone because you hate it when someone lies to you. You’ll already know that you like it when people are kind, so you know you want to be kind.

“When in doubt, do the loving thing.”

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