When you learn how to trust yourself, you will always have someone reliable.

If you are honest with yourself, you have someone you can trust; if you lie to yourself, it will be impossible to trust anyone. But lies can be addictive: they can take you over and live for themselves, eating you hollow sometimes. It particularly seems easy to lie by omission, or by saying nothing of what you have done. But you will know: you will always know, when you have lied, and not taken responsibility.

You trust yourself by keeping promises, by being kind to yourself, without being indulgent or giving in to things that are not in your  best interest. You can trust yourself when you don’t make excuses, foisting responsibility off for your own actions onto someone or something else, What you have done is what you have done! If you have done wrong, whether to yourself or someone else, then fix it, or at least apologize. Respect yourself; nourish yourself;value yourself and always work to do better with yourself and others. This will make you reliable to yourself, and to everyone. And no one can take that away from you.

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