Whatever happens, you never lose your ability to choose how you feel about it.

It is easier in the long run to be good, even though sometimes it’s harder to be good than to be bad in the moment. Being bad is easy: you call people bad names because you are feeling bad, because it’s easier to do that than understand why you’re feeling bad in the first place. You maybe steal things because it’s much easier to do that than it is to make something, earn something, or do some real work for something. You may bully someone because it’s easier to do that then find out what you’re really afraid of, and solve your trouble. All of these things are hard.

But if you do good, and do well, then you don’t hurt other people, so they don’t have to hurt you back. If you respect other people, and their property, then people might give you things when you really need them, rather than making you pay for what you stole. If you are kind to others, they will be kind to you. And if you stop being afraid inside, it’s always much easier.

Being good is really worth the effort!

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