What is ugly?

To me, ugly isn’t being 20, 30, 100 or any pounds “overweight:” it’s rejecting, hating, teasing or disdaining anyone who is. You do not know what strains, stresses, deep hurts or tragedies have driven this person to overeat You might be afraid that their imperfections will rub off on you! But you are more perfect when you are kind than when you are thin.

To me, ugly isn’t having a body that has this lump here, or that crooked thing there: it’s judging someone as inferior, worthless, or stupid because of these little flaws, instead of remembering, “Handsome is as handsome does.”

What have you done that is beautiful today? Have you encouraged someone who is scared? Have you asked if someone needs help, and then helped them when they asked? Have you stepped back and considered what you are going to say, instead of hurting someone because you are hurting? Have you been kind to yourself, too?

All these things are beautiful. None of them are ugly, It is true, ugliness brings everything down. So, don’t be ugly! When in doubt, do the loving thing,

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