Wasting time?

“Wasting time” means wasting energy doing something again and again that didn’t work well the first time; it can mean demanding that someone pays attention to you whether they want to hear from your or not; it can mean trying to convince a stubborn person that they need to change; it can mean wanting to change everyone but your self, especially if it is really you who are causing all the trauma and tumult… There are lots of ways of using up time and energy uselessly.

But even though you might not seem to be doing anything, time spent feeling love is not a waste of time. Listening to the air, just the quiet air, isn’t wasting time either. Paying attention to your breathing, slowing your breaths and deepening them, and just enjoying being is never a waste of time. Learning a new skill isn’t a waste, either. Learning how to do something new doesn’t waste time. And working to become a better person never wastes time.

Working at getting the new and latest Thing, whatever it is, might be a wast of time, especially if that Thing has your interest for a day, a week, a month, and then that’s it. Far better to work for something very precious, something that lasts, such as deep friendships, loving connections, peace of mind, and new ideas, Loving people works much better than loving things: things aren’t alive, and people are.

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