Wanting to do What You’re Doing

Most of you feel put upon, burdened, bothered and irritated when someone asks you to do something for them. You start thinking about what you wanted to do now, what you were planning to do and what you wanted for yourself. It seems this kind of thing happens all the time: just as you’re getting ready to do what you want someone has another idea based on what they want.

However, feeling sorry for yourself and angry at them doesn’t help. For one thing, all that anger and resentment don’t make you feel well: in fact, the more you feel these feelings the more unhappy it makes you. It’s not a good use of your energy! You want your energy for doing good things for yourself, right? But there is some magic here: when you do good for others, you can feel well. When you do something well, you feel good. Amazing!

And there is some even stronger magic, too. When you’re asked to do something you don’t want to do, you can change it all around by doing either of two things. First, even when you’re working, think of anything you love. Do you love your sister, your best friend, your cat, your favorite book, your front yard with the great place to play? Do you love the clouds, the rain or maybe the hot sun? The magic is: that it doesn’t matter what you love: when you are loving something you’re not angry, you’re not feeling resentment, and you’re not unhappy.

And a really special magic is that, if you can tell yourself, really and truly, that you like to do something: you’ll love it too! We all know that there will be things that no one would love, and there’s no point in pretending that you love saying good-bye to a friend or losing a beloved pet. However, you can love that you are able to clean the garage, especially if you think of people that never could do it, like someone in the hospital or someone that can’t see. Love that you can see and that you’re feeling healthy! And magically, you will always feel better.

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