“Two Wrongs Never Make a Right”

Sometimes someone will hurt you are call you names and this will make you feel bad. When you feel bad sometimes the first thing you want to do is to hurt him back or call him even worse names and even louder than he did. This can make you feel good for a little while: you can feel, like you are better than he is: you have called him double stupid and you hit him twice, so you’ve got to be better than he is! And you feel good about yourself for a little while: you’re better than he, so you get to feel good.

The problem is, though, that this kind of feeling good is a fake! Not only does he hit you back and call you even worse names, if your parents or teachers see the fight, you may both have to go to see the principal and do extra homework in detention. If you always hit someone back or call everyone names then your teachers might decide that you’re a bully and that you can’t go on the field trip because you’ll cause too much trouble. Or your parents might make you do extra chores or even take you to a doctor. 

So: was that tiny bit of “good” feeling worth it? Sure, you felt good for a little while: you feel happier when you’re “better than” someone else. The only trouble with feeling “better than” is that the same way there is always someone “worse” than you are, the same way there is always someone “better” than you are: always. 

And hitting each other back and forth is a stupid way of doing things. Yes, stupid! It doesn’t really make you feel good, it hurts someone else, it takes special things away from you sooner or later, and it was all just for this little, tiny feeling of “I’m better than.” It’s like moving a whole houseful of furniture just so you can get one jelly bean.

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