Trials and Tribulations

There are many times when we hear of someone that has some trouble in his or her life: that person’s sick, or paraplegic, or was badly injured in a car accident, and we so often say, “How terrible! What a tragedy!” I believe it is our own memories of heaven that make us wish for everything to work right: that things will open up for us when we need them, the good guys always win, and no one gets hurt too badly.

However, the Earth is the place where unfair things happen: the good person is the one who drowns saving a bad one, or the mother that has several children that love and depend upon her is the one that is killed by a drunk driver that gets off without a scratch. This unfairness is hard to bear, and so often we don’t understand why, or how we can make sense of these bad things happening, especially to good people. It is not easy to comfort ourselves thinking, “Yes, this is unfair: it should be another way, but on Earth, it isn’t.” We want life to be fair, and it isn’t!

But w can be fair. We can choose to be fair to others, to ourselves, and to make things go smoothly for as many people as we can. We can choose to make things right. And that will change the world for the better right there.

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