The Animal Inside of You

Many feel that people came from somewhere special: from Heaven, or were made fresh and new from the Place off All Life. And for most this is truth. But many others realize that our bodies were made from the Earth. The food that you eat, the water you drink and the air that you breathe are all from the planet. So you could believe that you are a bit of the Earth that has woken up!

Now: all animals grow their bodies from the Earth the same way, and your own body knows it is not much different than theirs. So there will be times when you act like an animal: not because it is you, but because it is easier. It’s always easier to do something you’re done before than it is to do something new! But if you are lazy like that too often, then you forget that you are not an animal. You are a human being,

Animals fight. But do human beings really need to fight, or is it just easier to give in to the animal part of you? Animals drive away any member of the herd that is different. But human beings know that sometimes the different ones are the ones that will have the best way to do something, because only the different ones could think of the new way. Even animals protect the most experienced among them, because they can lead the herd or troupe into the best places for food and safety. These leaders are the ones that care about the herd, troupe or flock. They are the ones that care for others than themselves.

But sometimes it seems that even human beings forget this, and that is very sad. It is easy to live like an animal. But animals are already doing that! Human beings can be human. Animals cannot. Why should human beings ever want to act like animals? 

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