The Right to Vote

I just completed my Mail-in ballot, and put it in the mail. As I have been studying the issues I have been thinking a lot about how important it is to vote, even when you’re “too busy” or “too tired.” Yes, this year there were a lot of initiatives, measures, and a great many people to choose from, and it seems as though you cannot believe what any of the candidates says. That may or may not be true, but it does not have much to do with voting.

Voting is actually a very new idea. It used to be that, if there was a lord governing the land where you lived, he could make you pay taxes. If you couldn’t pay he could put you into “debtor’s prison,” Often, if that lord had a mind to, he would seize your land, drive your family off and let them starve, and you, in debtor’s prison, would be able to do absolutely nothing about it. It was even worse when there was a bad king or an evil emperor. A bad king would take all the money from people, either in legal taxes or by some other means, and use it for what he wanted to use it for, saying things like, “Make a pie out of starling’s tongues? Sure! I have the people’s money. I can use it the way I like.”

But notice: it isn’t the the fact that there is a king that is wrong! A good king would say, “Help build a bridge over the ford? Sure! I have the money that the people have entrusted me. They need it, and I can help them do it.” The same money is being used, but this time for the people and not the king’s selfish desires. It’s sad that there have been many more bad kings, queens, princes and dukes and the like than not. But a good king is a good thing to have

Voting means that you can choose the “king” you want! This being able to choose is so very important that some people have died trying to make it happen. They certainly did not think that voting was “too complicated,” or “too much trouble!” They knew: voting is a way of making your voice heard, so that you can stop many bad things from happening. You can help make the rules!

Isn’t that a bit like being a king?

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