The Movie of Your Life?

Sometimes, if you fast-forward through a movie, you can tell what is going on in a different way, and there seem to be three kinds of stories. The first kind is where some people get together, have a fight, and then something blows up, and then some other people get together, have a a fight, and then something blows up, and then some other people… and so on. The second kind is where there is some kind of problem, whether from nature or with more people fighting, and other people get together to solve the problem, most often with good results because everyone is helping each other. The third kind of movie is where there is one person that has a problem inside of himself, and he either solves it with help, or he makes everyone else in the movie run around and fix the things he’s broken, and if they’re lucky, try to fix him so that he doesn’t hurt everyone anymore.

Now: which movie is your life? Are you the center of attention, making everyone else walk around you as though on eggshells, working so hard not to set you off? Or do you look for fights all the time, and blow things up by breaking things, having a tantrum, or hurting someone so you have another fight? Or do you work together with others to solve problems, whether the problems are in the outer world, with your friends, or even with yourself? Which of these movies is most likely to end well?

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