The Man Who Had No Feet

There is an old story about someone who was walking down the road, and someone had stolen his shoes. He was feeling quite sorry for himself: the road was hot and full of stones, and there were animal droppings everywhere. So, he was complaining and complaining, until he saw a man that had no feet. Perhaps the man had been in an accident long ago, but this was so long ago that there were no such things as wheelchairs, and this man had to push himself along in a low, wheeled cart, and ask strangers to help him. It was very sad!

The man with no shoes was ashamed of himself, and realize he had just been feeling sorry for himself, I would like to say that the man with no shoes helped the man with no feet, but the story I learned didn’t say anything about that. It’s true that he might have: he understood what it meant to have a hard time walking, if only a little bit in comparison.

But this is something to always keep in mind: If you are feeling sorry for yourself, where everything seems to be going “wrong,” which means not going your way, then you can think about people who have it so much worse than you do. There are usually so many people in the world that have things much harder than you do that if you thought about them, you would know you should not complain.  You might get a little bit angry: when you are angry and pay attention, maybe you can fine a way to fix your own problem, and the maybe someone else’s problem too. But feeling sorry for yourself sometimes means that you will have to see the man without any feet. 

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