Other people have said that: “If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything.” Having a standard means that you can make a promise to yourself, and you keep it. It means that you decide how far you will go with anything. How far will you go to protect yourself against someone that is a bully? How far will you go to protect a friend? How far will you go when you’re asked to lie, or cheat, or steal? Some people can present stealing as something “good:” they can lie to you and say, “Hey, all the stores are run by rich dudes. They don’t deserve their money anyway, and besides, they won’t miss it if you take something. Taking something shows you are better than they are.” They can invent all sorts of lies, just to get you to fall down to their low standards, because they feel better when there are other thieves around them, or other bullies, or other cheaters.

But if you have your own standards, you don’t have to fall for their lies. You don’t have to give in to their need for someone else to make them feel all right for doing wrong. But you have to be able to trust yourself, trust your own true standards. If you can’t trust your self to keep the promises you have made to yourself, to other people, and to what you want to become, then you can be pushed around by other peoples’ ideas. You can believe it when they say that something wrong is right, because you haven’t been honest and true with yourself and so you don’t really know what’s right.

Being honest with yourself can be hard sometimes, but if you decide upon who you are going to be and stick to it, then you know that you always have a friend: your self. Friends are honest with each other: they tell the truth and are truly kind. Friends don’t lie to you or pull you down to their level when they are doing something wrong. Friends show their love to you by being honest, and being true to their standards too. 

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