Resting, Work and Laziness

The hidden things in work are a little surprising, but you just need to think on how and why you work a bit and you will understand that now, instead of everything being done for you (water, food, clothes, usually housing) meaning that you have nothing to do, you can use work to find your own satisfactions. It has been said elsewhere, and very wisely, that every recruit in a military training camp had to make his or her bed every morning: make it well, make it beautifully and make it good enough to pass inspection.

Now: you could imagine that was just because the sergeant just wanted to push everyone around so that he could show he was boss because he liked making people do things for him. But no: the real reason is because, if you wake up and the first thing you do is some work, doing it well and quickly, with an eye to making things excellent, then every day you start out with a success! Every day you find out that you can do something even though you might not feel like it, even though you’re sick or have had bad news: you can always act, you can always do something and make sure something is done well. Knowing this is special!

You might think that putting out the garbage, or vacuuming the floor, or keeping your room clean is just “a chore,” meaning something that you don’t want to do because it isn’t fun, and that you’re only doing because someone has “made” you do it. But, taking out the garbage, mowing the lawn, putting the recycle bin out on the street for pick-up, and even cleaning your room all use muscle! And you know what happens when you use your muscles? You get stronger! If you’re a boy, you will like to show that muscle off. If you’re a girl, you you will find that you will be able to do other things so much better: sports, fun things like swimming or hiking or going for long walks with the family dog. 

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