Resting, Taking it Easy or Lazy?

When you have worked hard at something like pulling weeds, getting ready for a big test, helping out by cleaning the house or walking a long way, you want to rest. In fact, you need to rest: your body has worked hard and needs to recover. Working too hard can make you weak and sick: you always need to rest. If your life is too busy, sometimes you can’t get enough rest and so you get angry a lot because you’re tired, or you shut down and feel depressed. When you feel angry or sad after you’ve been working, it is definitely time to take a rest!

However, there are a great many times when you never seem to do much of anything but play with your mind: you are always accessing your phone, talking with everyone about stuff, watching TV or just “hanging out:” all of these things are good when you need to do them: you need to keep connected with your friends and watching television can be useful  and fun sometimes. Spending time with people you know is a good thing to do too.

But even better is to love using your mind even when your body is resting. When you use your mind, you listen to what people are saying; you think about what you’re watching on TV; you pick and choose what you let your social media tell you or show you: you stay engaged.

 When you “rest” by letting things happen around you, so that you are not participating, this might feel as though you are resting but it only means that you’ve stopped being there for yourself: you’ve stopped being the real actor in your own life. When you watch TV and just let it entertain you, you are letting your mind be lazy. When you let your social media take up more and then more and then even more of your time, you are letting it live your life for you.  

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