Sometimes you can do something bad by mistake: you can forget to do something very important and something awful happens. Sometimes you misunderstand what someone said, and you do the wrongest thing at the worst time possible, it is so hard not to hate yourself, so very hard not to feel guilty and ashamed! It is sometimes so hard not to feel so bad when you have let someone or something down, when you made a promise and didn’t keep it. Sometimes the only thing you can do is reach for hope: hope that there is something that will make up for it, Sometimes you can believe that what you have done might not matter too much, or that there is something that you can do to make up for you mistake somehow, because you are sad and care what happens. 

Sometimes there really is nothing you can do. Sometimes it really is too late, and you made a mistake that cost someone or something too much. And when there is nothing you can do after the fact, you have to accept that, even though that is so very hard sometimes, You have to accept that you did something wrong, not because you were being mean or hateful or hurtful, but just because you made a mistake. And then you can make sure you remember for next time. You can make sure that you will do better at remembering, do better at keeping track of things. But you still have to deal with the remorse: knowing that you have done something that hurt someone or something else. If you can really feel the remorse, really feel that you have been wrong, then you can understand it better when other people do wrong, too. You can understand how people can do bad things, not because they are bad, but because they made a mistake, just the same way you did.

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