More on Resting, Taking it Easy or Being Lazy

When people used to live in little villages, and almost everyone farmed, you had to work hard, every day: if you didn’t work, you couldn’t eat because there would be no food. If you didn’t work you would freeze in the winter because you hadn’t made your clothes, or scraped the hides of the deer you had hunted and carried home and then done everything you needed to take its skin and preserve its meat.

No food or clothes would be bad enough, but what would you do if you didn’t bring in your water? It used to be that you would get your water from the stream, or from a fountain in the village center, and you would have to carry it back home, no matter how far you had to do. You can’t live without water for any longer than five days, so you knew that however hard carrying water was, you absolutely needed it. It used to be that people had to do everything: build their own houses, grow, glean, prepare and cook their own food: all of it!

But now, you find food in the supermarket: you don’t have to rush our and try and hunt something in the bitter snows of winter. Now, you turn on the tap, and the water is already there: not only water, but hot water! Can you imagine how hard it would be to heat water up, bucketful by bucketful, having to find, and chop, and lay the wood on a fire and heat the water again and again?

In times like these, being lazy was dangerous! Refusing to work harmed everyone in your family and mostly meant that you were cold, hungry, thirsty and very likely sick as well. Back then, before municipal plumbing, housing contractors, electricity and supermarkets, you had to work to live, literally. But now? What do you live for now?

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