More About Bullies

Some very bad bullies like to hurt people which means that they sometimes can have something wrong in them that they don’t know how to fix or can’t fix even if they try. One of the things they cannot seem to fix is a feeling that they are not special. They are not good enough: they are not strong enough or smart enough to measure up to others. Many bullies are so afraid of being caught out, of being shown up for being less competent, less able, less smart or good than anyone else that they attack others first. They feel they have to do that because they are so afraid.

When you find a wounded animal, and you try to help it, sometimes it will bite and scratch because it’s sure that you are an enemy. It’s sure that, because it’s in pain, you are going to attack it. That’s what happens in the animal world a lot: if a bird in a flock sees a bird that is injured, the healthy bird knows that the wounded one will draw in the predators and maybe attack everyone. So sometimes, in a flock or herd or troupe of animals, they will drive out or kill any animal that is hurt. They are trying to protect the flock!

Yet if the wounded one can fight them off, it can live a little longer and maybe heal. This is how a lot of bullies feel: they know they are damaged. They know they are hurt. But they want to live! So, forgetting they are human beings, they make a big show of being tough. They make a big show of not being hurt. They make a show trying to tell everyone else that they really are strong and smart enough to keep up with everyone else, even when they are not.

Where bullies fail is when they say that everyone else is hurt, everyone else is stupid or everyone else is bad and wrong, because if they push their hurt onto other people then they can never heal.

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