More About Anger

Anger is a lot like gasoline, and you would be wise to treat it that way by remembering: gasoline can be very useful, but is often very dangerous. You can store gasoline, but your need to store it in a container that doesn’t get eroded by gasoline’s chemical actions, or else your container will melt and let the gas out all over the place, making everything dangerous. For anger, this is a lot like the times you try to contain your anger with resentment: if you resent someone or something, but you can’t speak up about it, you could stuff your anger down, but the fumes from your “gasoline” of anger will make everything you do smell of anger and the fumes rising from your   resentment could explode at any time.

Another way to deal with your anger “gasoline” is to try and store it in other things: you try to “store” your anger by distracting yourself with computer games, teasing some others so you feel stronger and better than they are or perhaps taking a walk. Taking a walk is the best idea: you can find out the hidden secret about anger that way. But storing up so much anger “gasoline” doesn’t ever make the anger go away. Sometimes you know this and store up your anger until you can create a big, big blast of screaming and tantrums. You might even like doing that because it makes people notice you!

But if you do that, you’re wasting your anger, totally. If you just blow up your anger so you get a big effect or even hurt someone with it, you’ve wasted it. Because the secret to anger is that, like gasoline, it can be used for fuel. If you have a big project to do, get a little angry about it! Like the engine in a car that takes a little gasoline and fires it to provide energy, you can use your anger to move forward! You can use it to work your way through something hard or difficult. You can use your anger to change things. Truly!

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