Missing People, Animals and Favorite Things

It is hard when someone dies, or when a beloved pet, plant or even a project comes to its end. If they have been at all good for you or to you, you miss their kindness and care; you miss their presence and all the things that they might have done for you and with you. If you have had to give up a favorite food because it isn’t good for your health, you miss it and wish you could still have it. If a beloved pet dies, you find yourself looking for that pet every day for quite a while. 

If you are a gardener and something has happened to one of your precious roses; if you are a builder or a crafter and someone has broken something you worked for hours to make; if you have lost your best friend, someone even closer from your family or even an actor whose shows you used to watch, of course you miss them and missing anyone or anything can be very hard.

But that is the challenge: you have to miss them and think of them after they are gone but you have to miss them and think of them before they are gone. Sometimes you realize how much someone means to them only after that person is gone; sometimes you take so much for granted that you are sure that you’ll always have what you have now and, because you know you’ll always have it, you forget to remember that it is special and to take care of him, her, or it. You forget to value what you always have.

So that is a clue: if you really love a favorite food, do without it for a whole week and see how much you value it. Imagine that your favorite rose died and you can’t ever trim or water it ever again. Imagine how it will be when a pet, friend or family member would die, because everyone and everything dies eventually. Imagine these things ahead of time; if you can keep reminding yourself that they are still here, that things are still all right, then you can realize a little more of what you have, now, before it’s too late.

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