Memorial Day

Memorial day is not a day to enjoy so much as it is to remember, and then celebrate the good lives that the fallen had before they were killed. It is a day to count the costs of what we have, and perhaps to resolve to do things differently. If we get angry at little things, and want to fight people, it’s time to remember that fighting others can lead to the legalized, wholesale murder known as war. If we think other people are less that we are, that can make us think that war is the way to treat them. If we think we have the only best, most correct, and truest idea about reality, and hate anyone that disagrees with us, we are saying we don’t care if war breaks out. If we think that making others do what we want, without understanding them, without seeing their point of view, is the way to do things, we can make war then too. And war is good for so little! It kills people, estranges them, creates broken families and tremendous grief all around. It’s time for us to change how we react to things and people we don’t like, and think: “How can I create a good peace that helps us all?

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