Think on this: How often do you say you are going to do something, and then don’t? How often do you tell someone in your family, or your friends, or someone else in authority, “Yes, I’ll do that,” or,”I’ll be there on time Thursday,” or, “I’ll go tomorrow.” How often? When you say something and you do not do it, unless you have a good reason why you couldn’t do it, then you’re lying and you’re breaking a promise. You may not think doing this matters but it does, it really does.

If you have told someone something and they believe you, then they will do something to prepare for your help. They will take time to be able to work with you; they will make sure you can come to help them if that is what you have said you will do; they will make sure that they will be at a certain place at a certain time; they will change their lives to be able to be there with you when you come. They may take hours getting ready! They may have to stop something they are already doing or they may have to get an agreement from someone else. So this is time and trouble taken out of their lives, and their time matters. 

It should matter! Everyone else’s time should matter as much as your time! If you were holding up a heavy log and you asked someone to hold up the other end but they decided they didn’t want to hold it and just dropped it, do you think you would like that? Do you think you would like it when someone else promised you something but let you down? Breaking a promise is lying. Saying you’ll do something that you decide not to do later is lying. And even though something might happen to you that keeps you from holding to your promise, you still need to apologize. Why? Because everyone else should matter to you at least as much as you matter to yourself.

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