Loving work

There is an old saying: Do what you love for a living and you’ll never have to work a day in your life.” There is a lot of truth in this: if you wake up in the morning and you know you are going to do something you enjoy, of course you will feel happy. One of the strange things is, though, that sometimes doing something you love and doing something you hate may be doing the same thing, the same type of work, but your feelings about the work is different.

For instance: if you have a friend who’s gone away and he or she has asked you to take care of his or her dog, and you really love your friend and you  love dogs, then all the walking throwing balls, cleaning up the street and so on will be fun, all the way around: you will finish the dog-walking and feel full of happy energy. However, if you really don’t like dogs, and you have to take care of your mean and nasty neighbor’s dog, you will be doing the same kinds of things like putting the leash on the dog, throwing sticks or balls for it and so on, but you will drag through the day.

In the first case of course you were doing something you love; in the second case you were doing something you didn’t like and didn’t even want to do. The first was fun, the second was work.

It’s sad, that work seems to mean something you hate to do, that wears you out, that is almost more trouble than you can give it. But if you’re wise, you will look for the things you can enjoy in anything, and find ways to enjoy work whatever you are doing. Sometimes it will take a lot of thought and you will have to be inventive. However, you will find that looking for enjoyment in you work will be well worth it.  

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