Leaving Yourself Alone

Someone once said, “A man (or woman) shows his character by what he does when no one’s looking.” This can mean a lot of things: are you the kind of person that needs to be reminded and reminded, with someone always keeping you in their view? Do you need that so that you don’t distract yourself and do something that you think you’d like, rather than what you need to do right now? And especially if you’ve promised someone you would do it, do you keep to your promise? Keeping your promises shows character.

Are you the kind of person who will do what he wants when he wants to do it unless there is someone watching over you so that you keep doing the things you need to do now? Do you get tired and bored easily, are you restless and you can’t sit still unless there is someone there to make sure you do? IF you’re bored and restless, it might be because you haven’t learned how to use your time well. You use your time well when you arrange it: make sure you do the important things first, especially things you’ve promised, and then take a break. After the break, come back and do something that would help you or someone else. Playing around is what you do after you’ve done your work: it’s your reward. Playing first and then rushing after means you don’t respect your time or anyone else’s either. Respecting Time, yours and everyone else’s, is also a sign of character.

Are you even the kind of person who thinks, “I can do this: no one’s looking!” You’re forgetting the most important thing< You are always looking at what you are doing! You will always know what you did, for your whole life. You can never escape yourself. Even if you do something foolish and take something that controls you, you are still doing the action: you chose to give up your control. This means that what you have done will always stay with you. It takes character to realize that you will always know what you have done.

You are always in charge of your character: no one else can do it as well as you can.

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