Leaving Bullying Behind

When you are feeling good about things: your life, something wonderful that happened to you or wonderful that you did or something wonderful that someone else did for you, then it’s so easy to want to spread those good feelings around everywhere. You may have seen movies where the person that has just fallen in love smiles at everyone, thinks everything around him or her is totally marvelous and so on… even though this person is walking down the same street he or she has walked down a thousand times.

Nothing outside of you has changed: you have changed! When you feel loved and happy it’s so very easy to want others to feel loved and happy too. This is perfectly natural. However, there is a little magic to it: sometimes you can feel wonderful and good because of the good things that have happened, sure; however, the real magic is when you can choose to feel good and happy.

That seems silly maybe but it really isn’t. The same way that the person in love can go down the same street and see it differently is the same way that you can see things the way they have always been differently. You start by appreciating yourself, every day, and being thankful for something, every day. If you aced a test, appreciate that! If someone helped you out, be grateful for that! When you do this long enough you will start loving and appreciating yourself almost all the time and you’ll be thankful for nearly everything.

Why does this work? What’s the magic? What you pay the most attention too is the thing that matters most in your life and looks the biggest. When you look for things to be angry or annoyed about you will find them. When you look for things to be happy and satisfied about you will find them.

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