Learning from Grief

Grief is hard to see, hard to deal with, hard to bear and hard to manage, yet it would be a very wise thing to learn from grief: grief can teach you so much! When you feel sad and lost because you are grieving, you can learn about how deep your feelings are. You can learn how much the little things, the everyday things, really matter. You can learn again how you react when you are sad: do you get angry and strike out or do you want to hide and be left alone until you figure out to feel better? If you have been paying attention all along and know what loss and grief affects you then you can tell those close to you how you feel and what you need ahead of time or at the time.

This will help everyone, including you: grieving is very personal in the way it matters. Sometimes when you think about grief, whether it is an old grief that you felt years ago, or remembering some great story about how someone reacted to a loved-one’s death or loss, or even if you are afraid of losing someone now, sometimes when you think about grief a lot you can get used to the idea and get stronger.

Some people might think that this is morbid; other people might think so much about grief that they hardly think of anything else. However, if all you do is to recognize that grief is powerful because it matters so much, then you can be ready when things take a bad turn.

Grief recognizes when something is lost but you have to be careful not to run away from grief’s pain to the point that you stop feeling anymore. You also have to keep from trying to look everywhere but where the pain is, because you say “Everything’s fine,” when you know it isn’t, then you have lost another part of yourself: Your honesty.

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