Sometimes when you’re tired you need to do the easy thing, do things the easy way, because to work to hard can harm you. However, if you get used to doing things the easy way, it actually makes you weaker, not stronger. If you get home and just flop in the couch without doing any chores, that might seem like a good thing: it means you can do what you want! If you take the easy way out in an assignment for school, and cheat instead of learning, or read stuff that is far below your grade level, you are actually making yourself more stupid. If you never reach to the edges of your strength, your strength leaks away. Really!

Yes it is true: sometimes an assignment can be too hard and frustrating, too difficult to understand: then you get help if you can, of course. But to keep doing things the slow way, the easy way, the “let someone else do it” way really costs you more than you know. If you always do the easy things, you will never gain self-confidence. Self-confidence is not the same as self-esteem: that just means that you feel you are a good and okay person that deserves to be treated well. Self-confidence means that you feel strong. You feel that if something happens that’s difficult, or scary or unexpected or terrible that you will be able to deal with it one way or another. Of course there are some things that no one can change, like earthquakes or car accidents of floods: they are too big for anyone. 

But just imagine: if one of those big things did happen to you or even a small thing like someone right next to you needing help or you have to walk a long way because your car broke down and you had always taken the easy way out, the slow or stupid or lazy way out, you would not do very well, would you? Trust me: it’s stupid to let inertia rule your life!

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