Know How You Work

If you want to make things good and different in your life, you usually have to work at it. But if you find work hard, especially if it’s something that you have to do, it’s a good idea to know how you work in the first place. Ask yourself: do you put things off until the last second, thinking that for sure you are going to be able to do what you need to do in time? Do you rush things early, and then make yourself nervous because you suddenly think that you didn’t have all the information you need? Do you do the hard stuff first and then the easy stuff, or do you do the easy stuff and let the hard stuff drive you crazy later? Perhaps you have learned that doing stuff earlier is much smarter; maybe you have learned that rewarding yourself after the work is done makes things much easier.

And do you do things to make the work light and happy? Do you reward yourself after you’re finished with something nice like a good time with friends, watching your favorite TV program or computer game or do you reward yourself before the work is even started? If this is work that you can do with a friend, do you reach out to someone to help? Do you take little breaks now and then?

All of these are good ideas to make work easier and better. Some of you might like rewards but some of you might like company when you’re working. Some of you might like an award, a certificate, when you’re done, something you can put somewhere special and look at it, thinking, “I did all of that! I did well!” Some of you feel very sad and hurt if no one says “Thank you!” when you have done something. Some of you have to work by yourself, and some of you cannot work unless you have someone there to help and encourage you.

Know how you work! Think about how you can change things to make them better, and do it!

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