Whenever you have a chance, be kind to others. Be kind by thinking how they feel about something. How does what you do look to them? How do their own lives look to them? What might they love, and what scares them? Kindness means that you understand that whatever is important to someone truly is important to him, even though you might not understand why they would, or could, care about that thing. Kindness means to hold someone gently. You don’t use them for what you need, like yelling at them because you are feeling hurt and angry, instead of working with your hurt or rage. Kindness also means that you don’t demand that they be there when you want them, even if you want them all the time, and then just forget them when you don’t want something from them. Using someone for what you need is unkind. Asking someone for a favor is certainly acceptable, but hating them or trashing them if they can’t deliver on that favor is very unkind.

So being kind to others means taking care of yourself, making sure your feelingsĀ  are only where they need to be, and taking care of others by understanding them.

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