How Emotions Remember Themselves

There is a sad, old movie called, “I’ll Cry Tomorrow.” about a child star that has a bossy mother. This child grows up, and loses several friends. She is so sad that she drinks alcohol to try to make the pain go away, but that does not work: the alcohol makes it worse. She finally has some joy in her life after a lot of work, but it takes a long time. 

You see: emotions remember themselves all the time: you cannot cry tomorrow and hope sadness or anger or grief will go away, Besides, tomorrow never happens, really: tomorrow becomes today, and today becomes yesterday, and the only day  you can do anything is today. If you do not cry today when you need to, the sadness, frustration, pain or anger that made you want to cry is still there inside of you. It can hide inside of you like something precious or ugly or important that you have dumped into a lake: you may not see it when you look at the top of the lake, but it’s still there underneath. In fact, if you put enough stuff into the lake, promising yourself that you’ll get to it later, you can fill up the lake so much there isn’t any water in the lake left at all! That may be why some people drink alcohol: the lake inside of them is so full of pain, or anger or even joy they could not let themselves feel when they happened, But those emotions don’t forget that they are there, so you may think you need something to cover up the lake.

But alcohol is like crude oil: it poisons everything in the lake for a very, very long time, and actually makes cleaning up the lake much harder. So: give your feelings you attention every day, because you can never cry tomorrow for the sadness of today. You don’t need to dump then on other people: your emotions are your own. But you need to give them attention.

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