Grief and grieving

Grief is very hard and most of the time you don’t really know what to do about it. When a friend has lost a beloved pet, a family member or even suddenly learned that they have a disease that will be a part of the rest of his or her life, day in and day out, all of these things mean loss: That someone or something is no longer there, even though you and your friend remember how it was. It can be particularly hard when the loss is sudden, but loss means that everything is changed one way or another.

Everyone must experience grief in this world: that is the nature of how things are. However, very few learn how to work with grief, how to deal with it, help it or ease it, or anything. Very often, when you have lost something or someone, almost no one says anything: it seems as though they are abandoning you when you need them most! Yes, you can find out who your friends really are when something big changes in your life, whether it is a big loss or a big success or even, with some people, if you have even a little success. 

This is not usually because they are bad people: most of the time they are simply unprepared. There are books you can read on etiquette and protocol; there are books you can read on now to fix your house or your garden, but there are very few books on how to deal with loss or grief,

This is sad, of course, because everyone faces grief many times in his or her life and some people face it every day. When something bad happens, things change but things also change when really good things happen and grief, more than an emotion, signifies how much you must change your sense of your own self from what was true before. 

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