Giving too Much?

Sometimes, you like to give something to a friend: a neat little rock you found when your family went camping, something that you used to wear that you think would look better on them, half of your sandwich at lunch if you’re not that hungry. Sometimes you give things like extra time to your friend: if they are having a hard time you can give them comfort or perhaps advice; you can let them stay with you if they really need a safer place to be; you can give them advice, especially if they are going through something that you went through before and you learned a lot about how to manage. You can give friends a great deal because most of your friends return the favor one way or another.

But do you know when are you giving too much? When your friend asks you something that you don’t have or can’t really give to him, is that when you are being asked to give too much? Or, when your friend asks for help too often and never returns the favor, is that too much? When the friend asks you and you’re busy, or you’re sick, it’s easy to say, “Wait for a while: I can’t really help you now.” But there are many times when someone has an emergency: they have to have something right away and they hope they can get it from you somehow. Because you love your friend, you do what they ask as well as you can. But know do you know when someone is asking too much of you?

Ask yourself: “When my friend asks me for something, do I feel tight and unhappy inside? Do you feel like this friend is chasing me down and you feel like a mouse with a cat hunting it? Do you feel like this friend always wants something from you? Do you feel like your friend never seems to give you anything you need? These are all signs that you are giving too much. You cannot pour water out of an empty glass! And you cannot give any more friendship when it has been all used up. 

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