Finding Wisdom

When something scary happens, when something changes in a way that you do not expect and cannot control, that seems really wrong, It is so hard not to be afraid and angry. It is even very hard not to hate what has happened and it’s particularly hard not to hate the person that made things change. They have done something wrong to you, after all! They have hurt you and made you afraid, so they are bad, and you hate bad things.

But before you hate someone for doing something bad, check in with yourself. Yes, this person has hurt you, or changed things so that you’re afraid and alone, or even miserable with other hurt people all around you. After all, this person has taken away your peace! But has he really? The real wisdom is that he cannot take anything you don’t give him. If you look deeply enough you will know that you can find your peace inside of your self even though this person has done something very bad to you. But if you give your peace away to him, then he has it and you have lost it. As long as you can keep your peace, your sense that you matter, you count and that you can change things some times and withstand things other times, even the most evil person in the world cannot win. Knowing this is a wisdom so deep that the bad people cannot really understand it.

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