Feeling Sad, and Three Strange Things

When something changes, you can feel very sad. If someone goes away, you can miss them; when something breaks or is lost, you can feel very disappointed. When all the things you used to know and like get changed or you can’t have them any more, that can make you very sad indeed. Doing too much without resting can also make you feel sad as well, because your body is feeling strained and disappointed too. You can even feel sad because other people around you are feeling sad!

But there are three strange things you can do to make yourself feel better. One is to smile, even though you have nothing to smile about. Even just a little smile will tell your brain to stop looking at the things that make you unhappy, such as what you have lost, and remember the things that still do make you happy, like being able to see, every day, any time you want to see, or hear, every day because you do not live in a world of blind darkness or deaf silence. These things are huge!

The second strange thing to do is to take ten deep, slow breaths. Your body will automatically relax, and when it relaxes it feel happier, and will help you to be happy.

The third strange thing you can do is tip your head back and look at the sky. You know that even when the sun is shining and the sky is blue, the stars, planets and galaxies are still out there, don’t you? All those places so far away: there are so many of them, and they are so beautiful. When you are sad, your happiness can’t be seen, but it’s still there. And then think: in all the galaxies, in all the vast number of stars, there is only one you, completely unique. There is only one! And don’t you know that the most unique things are the most valuable? It’s really true!

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