Dreams and imagination

Everything that you use, everything that has been made by someone, was once someone’s dream or in his imagination. And there have been many plays, poems, stories was well as inventive and scientific discoveries that have been created or shown in dreams. Dreams, even day-dreams, seem a part of another world, and imagination certainly is the world of the possible, the impossible, and shows the ways to bridge the two together to create something that has never been.

So anything that keeps you from dreaming and imagining makes you and the world both poorer. If you don’t sleep enough because you are staying up absurdly late playing a computer game, you cannot have time to dream, and both your mind and body suffer. This happens a little at a time, and perhaps you don’t notice, but the same way enough little pebbles will fill the Grand Canyon, you may wake up one day to find that you cannot reach forward into the future with courage anymore. You may find that you are letting other people do your thinking for you: it will be the other people who have the ideas, and other people will tell you how to be.

It is fun, interesting, sometimes exciting and sometimes restful to watch movies, or play games, or let someone or something else “drive” you life, so much so that you may never notice that you’re not living your life anymore. You are who you are; your contribution to the world is your contribution, and no one else can be who you are, or contribute what you have inside of you. But if you never listen to your inside mind, the mind of dreams and imagination you will never succeed in being who you are, and you will not contribute what you came here to do. Treasure your imagination! Protect your dreams!

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