Do you bully yourself?

Looking at this is in some ways the most important thing: you need to watch out that you don’t bully yourself! You know when you do: when you call yourself a stupid jerk for forgetting that the homework was due Tuesday as in today and not next Tuesday as you thought. When you are so angry with yourself that you hit yourself, either with words or your own fists? When you convince yourself that you don’t deserve any good thing, not really, because of course you’re a fake and a failure. You’re not good enough for anything good, so you keep yourself from being happy.

That is a very mean form of bullying indeed. If you are angry at yourself; if you hate yourself or are impatient with yourself all the time; when you call yourself bad names, especially names that you would never use on anyone else, you are being a bully. Do you deny yourself fun when everyone else is having fun? Then you’re likely being a bully to yourself. Do you do so many things for other people that you never have time to do anything for yourself? Then you’re bullying yourself and making yourself worth less than others. Do you have too much fun to the point that you don’t do your homework and so don’t learn anything? Then you’re being a bully again. 

A very good way to not be a bully to yourself is: spend some time watching other people and pay attention to what works for them. Why are the ones who do well on tests, with friends, in life, able to do so well? Do the ones that do well on the tests do so because they study? Probably. Then you need to look at how they find or make the time to study, make good friends and keep them or enjoy life. You can learn so much! And it will all be for you: you will learn how to make your life sweet and good if you stop beating on yourself and just learn from the best people you know.

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