Bullying and terror

Everyone knows that there are a lot of bullies in the world. Sadly, bullies exist because what they do works enough times to make being mean and hurtful good for them: they get what they want. They get what they want because they steal from others, lie when it suits them and force others to do what they want because no one likes to be called bad names, told they are stupid or inferior or bad; no one likes to be injured,

But can you see that bullies are actually very scared? They are scared because they are convinced that no one loves them, no one likes them, and that they can only get what they want because they cheat. They are very unhappy people! This does not excuse what they do: hurting someone is never kind and if you have to cheat to win, in a very real way you’ve already lost. You’ve lost because you are convinced that you are so stupid or helpless or inferior that you cannot possibly win an honest contest. Bullies are really convinced, deep inside, that they do not deserve any love. Some of them hurt others and act badly because, if they don’t deserve love, it feels better if people hate them. If people hate them, at least they have the attention they need, since they cannot have love.

Terrorists are another kind of bully: these are usually the ones that are so very convinced they do not deserve love that no one ever wants to pay attention to them for any reason at all. Yes, some terrorists tell themselves that they blame this thing or that person, whether it is someone being mean to them or how unfair the world is Some of them grab on to whatever they feel can make them powerful: guns, an angry group of people or believing that they are the only ones that are okay because the rest of the world is as bad and hopeless as they feel inside themselves, and they are not bad at all. 

…to be continued…

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