Being Different

Being different can be very hard. When you’re different, a lot of people pick on you by calling you names, snubbing you, making”jokes” that are really meant to hurt you. When you think about it, this is because they are afraid of you. They are thinking: “Is he different because he is better than I am and will make me look like a fool? or, “Is she different because she knows more that I do about life, or how to live, and when I show that I don’t know as much as she does I’ll look stupid?” Or they are thinking, “This new person is so strange that I do not know how they will act or react. Will they suddenly lash out and hurt me? Or will I hurt them somehow because I don’t know about them, and will stupidly say or do something I don’t know how to control?’

In other words, when you are different you have an interesting tightrope to walk: on the one hand, you have to look and act enough like everyone else that you don’t scare them, yet on the other hand, if you make yourself just like everyone else, you cease being who you are.

Think of the famous people in history whether inventors, actors, statesmen or the ones that helped other people, like doctors or nurses. Very often, they become famous because they have done something special or unusual, but often they say they didn’t do anything special at all. They think that anyone would have figured out how to make that new thing work, act that part, solve that crisis or save that person’s life. The reason is because they are just being their real selves. They aren’t worrying about what others think! They are just doing what they know how to do.

So the more you learn how to be good at being yourself and you’re being too busy being a caring person, the less you worry about what other people think and the more likely you will succeed at being different.

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