Adding hate to hate

┬áHate seems simple: you don’t like the thing or person so much you can’t stand to be with them or have them around. You even dislike them so much you want to hurt them. You find reasons to make your hate okay: they’re bad people, or they hurt you or someone you know, or maybe you’ve been told you must hate them because everyone else does. It seems so easy to hate, because hate seems so simple!

But hate is not simple. Hate is very difficult. Sometimes you say you hate someone or something because you really are afraid of them, or about something you have to do. You hate math because it’s difficult and you’re afraid of failing at it. You hate people who are different because you don’t want to look like a fool trying to talk to them and not knowing how, or saying something stupid because you don’t know.

Sometimes you say you hate someone only because you are totally frustrated about something that is happening in your life, and you think they are the cause. But actually most times you have to look into yourself to find the real cause of why your life isn’t working! Sometimes you hate someone because you feel they have hurt you, or have been mean to you, and you are afraid, or embarrassed by your feelings, especially if you are helpless to make them stop, or to make them change. Sometimes hate Is made okay for reasons that are believed again, and again, and again, until you can’t think otherwise.

So hate is not simple! But there is always one thing true about hate: adding more hate just adds more hate. It never solves anything, fixes anything, or makes anything right. You need to understand why you hate someone or something, and then fix THAT problem, instead of hurting someone or something into something or someone you think you hate.

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