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Piloting the ship of your life, the best advice is: “Watch your wake.”

The Three Galactic Constants:

Friendship: Old friends will recognize each other planet to planet, life to life. The motto is: “If you are friends first, all else can follow.” Friendship can be a part of any other relationship, and because it is based on love, it is as durable as the eternal core of the universe. Trust is part of friendship, and it creates respect between people or beings. But as this respect is earned, not demanded, it is all the more valuable.

Integrity (Handsome is as handsome does.) Some of the most unusually-shaped creatures are kind, honest, trustworthy, selfless and without guile, hidden agendas, or manipulation. There are so many different forms of beings, cultures, and belief systems in all the other worlds that the only way peace can happen is through each one saying what he means, meaning what he says, not going back on the given words, and treating everyone as though they mattered as much as you did. Integrity is considered far more valuable than diamonds.

Creativity This is a gift that all races have, in all the worlds, in all the spaces and places where life is. When things are invented, crafted, and when inspiration is given form, all living things are brought a little closer to the divine Source from which all beings came. When you make something that has never been before, you have changed the universe. When you make something beautiful, you have added beauty to the universe. And when you craft something well, you have added integrity itself to the universe as well. In this galaxy, the beings who recognize the value of creativity and who make it important are considered the most intelligent.

Judgment steals attention; discernment pays attention.


If you want others to be nice to you, be nice to them. If you don’t want others to be mean to you, don’t be mean to them. Bullies ignore both of these rules. When bullies put your own pain, fear, and hurt feelings out on everyone else, they haven’t gotten rid of it: they’ve only spread it around, and it’s so sticky everyone starts hurting and being afraid.

Only a bully makes you pay ten times for something he thinks you have done to him. But making someone more wrong doesn’t every make the bully more right: it only diverts everyone’s attention from the real problem: that the bully was never taught how to manage himself well.

A bully thinks that everyone is his enemy, so he has no friends. His worst enemy is himself, because he lets himself think that being good to others cannot work.

Being thankful is not for the other guy: it’s for you.

When you are thankful for something, or when you thank someone, and say, “You are so gracious and kind,” it helps you remember that people have been gracious and kind to you. When you feel that, you will be less lonely.  When you say, “Thank you for the gift,” you will remember than you have been given things that you have wanted and needed, and you ill feel less abandoned. When you say, “Thank you, you are so helpful,” you not only know you have people who want to do things for you, you are inspired to be helpful yourself.

In this way, expressing gratitude is very selfish: you get to be aware of all the good things that have come your way.

Thoughts become words, words become actions, actions become character, and character is everything.

We seem to be living in a world with a curious double standard: If someone reports that, much to his own amazement, he has just perceived the presence of his dead father giving cogent and useful instructions regarding the estate, we will say, “Oh, that isn’t real: that’s just that person’s imagination.”

But when we just hear, simply hear, of a rape, murder or the agony of the homeless, we say, with great satisfaction, “Yes, that’s reality.”

What would happen if we started looking for the good news a little more? Like the hungry man going to a city full of parks and museums and malls and concert halls and seeing only restaurants, we do tend to find what we are looking for, and not much else.