Monthly Archives: April 2015

You are the one who makes yourself feel good when you do well.

Light-workers are loyal to what is good, strong for what is right, and gentle with others and with themselves. Knowing that light can reveal what is harmful or wrong, they also heal what has been hurt. And the best light-workers know that they are human, fallible, sometimes unprepared, sometimes foolish, but they do not use these shortcomings as excuses to blame others for what is wrong within themselves.

The more you do early, the less you have to do too late.

To be a “Light-worker” means to be someone who goes into the dark places and changes them with real effort. Light-workers can also go through varieties of hell in order to understand what it is to be molested, or betrayed, or unfairly burdened, or whatever. With that understanding, really know how to help and heal others who have been injured that way, because they have felt it themselves.

You get from yourself what you expect from yourself.

If you are honest when it is hard, have character even when it has a cost, then you are a Light-worker. When you keep true to your own ethics even when those around you don’t, you are a Light-worker. When you clean up the mess someone else did because the mess hurts others, you are a Light-worker. When you do the loving thing when you aren’t sure what else to do, you are a Light-worker.