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It is never what is done, but why it is done.

Women and Men (2)

Hey, men, don’t you remember that your strength is judged by the strength and quality of your associates, and your opponents? That’s why you act like The Toughest Guy, Bigger Than All of Them, and you feel very good when you have powerful friends. But why do some of you insist on marrying infant-like, helpless, weak, and dis-empowered women?

Women are already generally physically weaker than men as it is, though they often have more endurance for some things. (Could it be that they have had to get used to being abused?) But do you need to make women even weaker because you want to project your fear of being weak out onto them, so you can hate it in them without hating yourself?

Men and Women (1)

You don’t lock up butterflies because they are dangerous, but you do lock up tigers. What this suggests actually that women are dangerous even when they are as weak as butterflies, because surely the butterfly-women of the world are locked up. You say it’s to keep them from other men, because they are your possessions, and therefore cannot possess themselves. But what is really going on is that most men really don’t know how to possess themselves.