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Spiritual Teaching


Spiritual Teaching

Most spiritual teachers can only show you the trappings of whatever methodology they teach. And that lets you know how to become a good whatever-it-is. But it takes a true teacher to show the student how to become his or her real self. Because each of us is our own real universe, with our own internal laws, there are no instructions, formulas, or methods for becoming ourselves. But whatever clothes it might be wearing, uncovering our truest selves is the deepest secret of the true way.



I believe no one is evil. No. I am not being absurd: i know much evil is done, and much has been experienced. But evil is not sourced in our genuine human natures, and in not knowing or realizing how what we want affects others. Everyone on this planet wants three things: love, safety and happiness. What harms us all is misunderstanding how to achieve these three things.things. What if you were told, and believed, that the only way to get these three things was to do it by harming yourself or others? What if you believed that the only way to be safe was to hurt others first before they hurt you? What if you believed that the only way for you to be happy was to kill the last elephant in the world for its tusks? What if? But still, you would really want love, safety and happiness. The sovereign remedy is to realize: we can choose what we believe.


To me, hatred is alien and insane. Deciding to hate someone makes as much sense as saying, “The color green weights 14 1/2 pounds.” Nonsensical! But hatred is too often nonsensical, and far less effective than forgiveness.

But if someone tells you, “The color green weighs 14 1/2 pounds!” often and long enough, you will believe it eventually. Think of all the other silly things we’ve been trained to believe: that we are worthless by nature, that slavery is human and makes sense, that we have to work ourselves to death in order to live, that some people are better than others just because — just because. All of these silly and costly things!

Anger, however, is different. Properly approached, anger is fuel for action. But like any fuel, it is dangerous when spread around and set fire to, and both must be contained and intelligently applied. But when you engage your anger properly, it is of tremendous value.