Why not?

If someone says something bad to you, whether it’s about you or anything else, you start feeling bad, right? Words have a lot of power! If you keep using words like sticks, you can eventually batter someone to death, literally. Just from words!

You always have a choice about what words you use. So why not use kind words? Why not use gentle words, words of praise that you really¬† mean, and words of encouragement, celebration and joy? If you say happy things, how could you possibly feel worse? Instead of saying, “I’m tired of looking at this old… (whatever it is), you might say, “I am so happy I can see! I am so happy that I can see in color, and that when I look for beauty I can find it! I am so happy that seeing is so easy to do, too: I don’t have to have an operation or something every time I want to see. All I have to do is open my eyes. How happy that makes me!”

You might try and imagine what it would be like to be blind, or to be able to see only once or twice a year, or that maybe seeing hurt your eyes every time. You might imagine that you live in a universe where seeing something far away was as hard as running there. But it isn’t, it isn’t. Seeing is a gift every time you use it. Think about what really good things you have already, like being able to see, just for free! And then you can say things from your happiness. Why not?

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