When You Get Angry Part One

Sometimes you can get very angry about something, and unfortunately when you are angry there are times when you simply can’t stop yourself from yelling or screaming or hitting something, even hitting someone, which is not good at all. No one deserves to be hit and hurt because you have reached the end of your patience, you’re feeling hurt or even because you’re feeling afraid of something and you don’t want to admit that. 

But it’s hard knowing all of that when you’re already so mad that you’re screaming. So often you forget what you are doing when you are doing it! So often you “act in haste but repent at leisure:” you act without thinking and then you found out what you’ve done to hurt things later.

When you do come to the end of your being mad, and see what’s happened, there are some things that you shouldn’t do: don’t blame anyone else; don’t make someone else more wrong; don’t hate anyone about it, not even yourself.

To blame someone else (“He made me lose my temper because of what he did!”) makes someone else in charge of your feelings, and when someone else is in charge of your feelings you are always connected to that person and at his mercy: what they do makes you do things! And it is always true: “Two wrongs never make a right.” To point the finger at someone else and say, “Well, he did this bad thing…” does absolutely nothing to make you feel better: it makes everyone feel bad and unhappy. 

To hate someone also doesn’t help you feel better: it only makes you put your anger on someone and that doesn’t get rid of it, that just spreads it around. To hate yourself because you have gotten angry is not a good idea either: it just makes you feel worse, and doesn’t solve anything at all. If you are frustrated, you need to understand why you are frustrated and what you can do about it. If you’re feeling hurt, you need to do the same thing. And if you’re afraid you want to find out what this is about as soon as you can. 

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