What you Need

A lot of people say they “need” something: an object, .a device, piece of clothing, or whatever, and surely people do need clothing of some kind or another to keep healthy in the cold or very warm places. Tools are useful. Houses are comfortable. Devices can also be useful, and entertainment is fun: you don’t have to think very hard when you’re watching what someone else made up, so you can be lazy for a while and let your mind rest.

But, of all those things, what do you really need? There are some things that you truly need to do, otherwise you will die. You do need food, because if you go without food for more than about a month you will get sick and die, or in even less time if you haven’t ever had any good food. You need water, definitely: you can die of thirst in just five days. You need to breathe and keep on breathing: when your breath stops for more than 4 minutes you will die. But you need your heart to stay well and strong, because if your heart stops, you can die even more quickly than if you run out of air. 

So ask yourself: is your heart beating? That’s good: you need it. Are you breathing? That’s good, you need it, the same way you need water and at least some food. All of these things are given to you for free by your body: you don’t have to think about making your heart beat. You don’t have to think about breathing: it’s automatic. If you haven’t had enough water lately you feel thirsty, automatically, and the same with food. 

if you had to make your heart beat, you might say, “I need my heart to work” or if you had to go and get water the hard way every time you were thirsty, you might say “I need water.” Your body works so hard to keep you alive that you don’t even notice, and so you think you need things. But think: do you need them, really?

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