What to Do Instead of Worry

Many people are worried right now: there is so much going on in the world that is frightening, or strange, or surprising, and very few people feel at home or comfortable any longer.  Some, who have been looking forward to these changes, are feeling strong and happy now: finally things will be done the way they have wanted them to be done for ages. Others are feeling unsure and anxious: what are all these changes going to mean for me? For my family? For all the things I am used to seeing, used to doing? What will happen? 

When some people start feeling worried, they get angry: they get angry at the things or people that are making things different and uncomfortable. Others can get depressed, and think that there is no way forward, no good way to change any of the bad things they see are happening. And others worry. Worrying can feel like caring; worrying can feel like acting, like trying to solve something. Because surely, if you worry about someone you care for them, right? And if you worry about something, you’re letting everyone know that this is something that has to be changed, right? Actually, worry is like very cold water: it can actually slow you down, and make it harder to do things. If you stay in such cold water too long, you become numb and you cannot move well anymore because worry actually freezes your energy and pulls it away from where you might need it to change things.

What you do instead of worry is to first understand yourself. What do you really know? What to you really feel, do you really believe? What can you do about what is worrying you? You may think there is nothing, but really there is always something. Make yourself understand why you are worried, and then break it down into small things, small things you can change. And that will help.

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